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SmartStrings 4 Wheel Toe Alignment System Best universal way to quickly perform accurate four-wheel alignments on virtually any car anywhere. The Smartstring is the number one design to allow all four wheels to be aligned with one simple, accurate, portable and affordable tool. The fastest cars in the world - including Indy style cars, 200 mph road racing cars and NASCARs, IMSA, Trans AM are aligned with strings (or wire in some cases). As with the SmartCamber gauge, SmartStrings were designed to be used on as wide a variety of cars as possible; it's telescoping design in all three planes assures that. The attaching or hooking features on the Attaching Arms have also been carefully thought out to be as versatile as possible. Unlike nearly all other toe measuring gauges on the market today, SmartStrings allow you to simultaneously align and "square" the car, that is, insure that the rear axle is running true and parallel to the front axle. Also, since the strings attach to the car, they move with the car so when adjustments are made, the vehicle can be rolled to settle the settings without having to recalibrate. Since you can adjust all four wheels relative to one another, you can set the car up however you like. Important that it is properly installed, the parallel strings form a perfect parallelogram around the car's own centerline. Combined with the SmartCamber camber/caster tool, you can perform a full four-wheel alignment and know for yourself that the numbers are correct.

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